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DIY STOMPS // Board Updates

Guitar >

Emma Transmorgrifer Compressor > Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe (High Gain Fuzz (klon)) > Bright Onion Pedals Dual Bypass Looper (in)

  • Loop #1 (Dirt) – Vemuram Jan Ray / Timmy (Medium Gain Overdrive (klon)) > Vemuram Jan Ray (Medium Gain Overdrive (klon)) >
  • Loop #2 (Modulation) – Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser with Linear Power Boost (Custom House) > Boss TR-2 Tremolo (Custom House) >

Bright Onion Pedals Dual Bypass Looper (out) > FuzzMongrel Audio Collective MikroBoost > DOD 8-band Graphic Equalizer > Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr >

AMZ Buffered Two Channel Splitter (under boardet)

Output #1 – Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb > TC Electronic Alter Ego Delay > Amp #1

Output #2 – Amp #2

Power Supply: T-Rex Fuel Tank


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