If I told you again would you believe me the first time?

Engelsk A/B

Fragmentation, looping, gardens of forking paths? This module focuses on alternative narratives and unreliable narrators in a variety of (post)modern fiction and film. Most of the chosen material goes beyond the straight and narrow and departs radically from from the conventions of traditional storytelling. Thus these fictions and films deliberately foreground their own fictitiosness (metafiction). In the course of the module particular emphasis will be placed on the role of memory. The main purpose of the module is to investigate alternative modes of narrative, extending the students’ analytical skills and introducing tools for analysing film.

Primary materials

Bryan Singer, The Usual Suspects (Film, 1995)
Christopher Nolan, Memento (Film and script, 2000)
Robert Shearman, The Dark Space in the House in the House in the Garden at the Centre of the World (Short story, 2012)
Alison Bundy, Onset of his Sickness (short short story, 1999)
Martin Amis, excerpts from Time’s Arrow (Novel, 1991)

Secondary materials

Film Analysis Toolbox
Presentation on Metafiction and Intertextuality
Michelangelo Buanarotti, The Expulsion from Paradise (Painting, 1508-12)
Tomas Cole, Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Painting, 1828)

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