Every Second Wednesday

Tired sheets and wrinkled eyes

Practicing your alibis

Time is up and out you go

Back to that familiar show

Trace your steps through

Rushing crowds

Every thought you have is too loud

A girl is pacing

Empty rooms

Thinking about the time you counted clouds

Every second Wednesday afternoon

You work late

Well at least that’s what you tell her

Now and then you try but it’s too soon

You can’t find the words

To let her know

Through the door and up the stairs

Such a simple affair

She shies away from your embrace

As she stands there with her back turned

She stands there with her back turned

Time to set it straight

Now is still too late

You fell in love

You’re going to leave her

How can you pretend to want

To stay until the end

When you’re already gone

You’re already gone

Don’t you think it’s time you move on?

Time is up so out you go

To catch that last remaining show

And every reason stays the same

Who’s to know if she’s glad you came

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